The Olympic Committee of North Macedonia was founded on the 29th of April 1992 in Skopje, as an Olympic Committee and a Sports Committee. Its main objective is to communicate the Olympic ideals and implement IOC programs. On the 21st of September 1993, the NOC became the 195th member of the IOC. The Macedonian Olympic Committee is composed of Olympic and Non-Olympic Sports federations as well as distinguished athletes and sport administration entities. Several commissions work on various national and international programs. The Macedonian Olympic Committee is the highest sports non-governmental association in which the constituent members are national sports federations of Olympic sports. The Macedonian Olympic Committee is a member and represents the national sports federations in International Olympic Committee. It is organized in accordance with the interests of national sports federations, with the principles of the Olympic movement, the Olympic Charter of the International Olympic Committee The main goals and tasks of the Macedonian Olympic Committee are: preparation and participation of athletes from the Republic of North Macedonia in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, development and spread of the Olympic movement in the Republic of Northern Macedonia, observance of the Olympic Charter, spreading the basic principles of Olympism through activities and programs that are realized within the educational and cultural life, development of top sport, development of international cooperation in the field of sports, care for the health of athletes, in particular respecting the medical code of the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Gender equality is one of the priorities of the Olympic Agenda for 2020, and consequently, it’s also a priority for the North Macedonian Olympic Committee. Despite our country has made significant commitments to advance gender equality, Women’s representation and participation in decision-making remains limited. Any progress, such as the increased representation of women in the National Parliament and municipal councils, is due to electoral quotas. Key obstacles remain to women’s equal representation and participation in decision-making. In executive bodies, where quotas do not exist, women’s representation is low. In sport this is no different, but as leaders of the Olympic movement in the country, is up to us to change this reality.

Sport Evolution Alliance (SEA) is a non-government private association formed in Oeiras (Lisbon Metropolitan area), at the initiative of a group of sports managers, with significant experience in European grants managing and implementation. We provide services seeking differentiating intervention and advanced solutions for the development of policies in the field of health, education and culture, with a special focus on sport.

Sport Evolution Alliance assumes the following mission, vision and values:

Mission – Contribute to the development of the community through the connection, promotion and application of initiatives associated with sport.

Vision – Become a national leader in the field of European projects in the sport area, promoting the most innovative communitarian trends locally.

Values –

● Sustainability – Sport Evolution Alliance believes that only through sustainability solutions we will introducing the necessary changes;

● Excellence – Sport Evolution Alliance seeks excellence, promoting the overcoming of the realities in which it intervenes;

● Ambition – Sport Evolution Alliance is driven by the constant ambition to practice and generate social development.

SEA main activities are sport management, project planning and control, courses and training, education and sport programs, market studies, consultancy in the areas of sport, data analysis and treatment and sport events. SEA brings innovation, knowledge and access to the most relevant stakeholder, groups and public bodies in Portugal. Our experience allows us to make a great impact on each project that we are involved in. SEA is capable of working in different areas and contexts in the field of sport and the diversity of experiences and backgrounds of the team’s experts is an added value for our performance.

Through their research team, composed by prestigious PhD in the scope of action, and though their knowledge and expertise in managing European projects, SEA will be the main responsible for all the research part, and will also deliver all the technical support to the coordinator, in order to fulfil all the tasks that are programmed. The project will be chaired by the Olympic Athlete, Pedro Dias, ambassador of the national program of ethics in sport.

The European Network for Innovation and Knowledge is a Foundation based in the Netherlands but working internationally. EUNIK has been formed by higher education and R&D experts, with more than 15 years’ experience working in the international field and with EU Grants management.

EUNIK’s Objectives:

● The design and implementation of Research & Development activities, as well as to promote competition with regard to public funding calls;

● The promotion and implementation of activities and actions to promote digitalisation in the field of education, culture and sport.

● To encourage international network cooperation between institutions, especially European, profit, and non-profit institutions that require support for the digitalisation of their activities.

● To provide support services for the network members, associates, and stakeholders.

● To bring Educational Management and Innovation know-how to the organisations.

Moreover, EUNIK aims to contribute to the EU and the Erasmus+ Scheme by supporting public and private bodies with their specific needs on knowledge management, eLearning and online education programmes’ implementation, and the digital transformation that will lead the EU to the next generation.

EUNIK brings to ambitious quality-oriented organisations, the resources that usually are only available to big companies and universities, with the aim of:

● Scale their organisation and projects by the use of tailor-made apps and web-app technologies.

● Reach a bigger audience and have a greater engagement by using EUNIK’s eLearning platform, either on the website or on our smartphone apps.

● Make a more serious and meaningful contribution with their projects thanks to the research and the scientific contributions that our scientists can develop.

The Spanish Futsal Players Association (AJFS – Asociación de Jugadores de Fútbol Sala) was founded in February 1998. Its main objective is to protect and defend the rights of the futsals players, as well as to legally defend the fulfillment of the contract he signs. It also advises, guides or simply supports the member in any other aspect of his profession.

Furthermore, its objectives are to advise the player in his training, facilitating his Dual Career, and to advise and accompany them in the preparation of their sporting retirement and subsequent integration into the aboral world, once their sporting career is over, without neglecting the psychological and social aspects.

Besides those pillars, we are worried about the development of their skills, about match-fixing, encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport.

The AJFS is made up of players and former players of futsal who play or have played in 1st, 2nd, 2nd B, 3rd Division, or youth futsal in Spain, as well as those players who play in foreign leagues and who have played in any of the aforementioned categories in Spain.

Nowadays, there are more than 1400 members (Feb-2023), and AJFS is the second biggest union players in Spain after Football Players Assoc. (AFE).

The current Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee was established at the founding session on December 19th, 1992. In the preceding period, the Olympic Movement in Slovakia was spearheaded by the Czechoslovak Olympic Committee located in Prague.

During the 30 years if independence, Slovakia can pride itself having developed numerous Olympians. Slovak Olympians won 42 Olympic medals at the Olympic Games: 14 Olympic golden medals, 18 Olympic silver medals, and 10 Olympic bronze medals; and 10 Olympic medals at the Winter Olympic Games: 4 Olympic golden medals, 4 Olympic silver medals, and 2 Olympic bronze medals. 

Of the 56 decorated Olympians, 50 are male and 6 female. Ten of these Olympians have won the Olympic gold medals. The most decorated of them all is Anastasia Kuzmina with six Olympic medals – 3 gold medals and 3 silver medals.  All our Olympic medals were achieved in individual sports – except for our 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games bronze medal: Ice Hockey. 

SOSC governs the Olympic Movement in the Slovak Republic and has a position and authorization of a national Olympic committee according to the Olympic Charter and in accordance with it. SOSC was recognized as a national Olympic Committee of the Slovak Republic by a decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at its 101st Session on September 24th, 1993, in Monte Carlo. Valid statutes of SOC based on the rules of the Olympic Charter and in accordance with it define its position of a separate, independent, and non-political legal entity with its field of activities in the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. The Olympic Movement in Slovakia consists of the national sports federations of sports which are included in the program of the Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games, athletes whose interests comprise a basic aim of the activities of SOC, referees, coaches, and other persons working in sport. The Olympic Movement is also formed by other organizations and institutions recognized and accepted by SOSC.

The mission of SOSC is to spread and promote basic principles of the Olympism. Through this, the SOSC aims to spread the harmonic development of people, mutual understanding between peoples, and friendship among nations, as well as deepening of their peaceful co-existence.

Champions Factory Ireland Limited is a non-governmental organisation based in Dublin and aims to develop innovations in the field of sport, education, training and youth. The organisation is a member of Champions Factory International Network with official branches in London (UK), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Bursa (Turkey), Africa (Ghana) and USA. 

The mission of Champions Factory Ireland Limited (ChF IE) is to encourage and support interdisciplinary and inter-collaborative sport research, serve as a research hub for sport researchers from across Europe, and disseminate sport research results to academics, sport practitioners and the public. The world of sport is rapidly evolving. As a result, issues arise with increasing regularity. ChF IE organisational goal is to create awareness of these questions and to foster creative solutions. ChF IE’s vision is to provide opportunities for independent, organised, and focused cross-disciplinary research regarding the sport development in Europe and on World level. Specifically, ChF IE is committed to serving as a national and international sports research, building research capacity – both internally and externally. ChF IE has a youth division team, which uses innovative educational methodologies (“Education through Sport” methodology, “The path of solutions” methodology; “Theatre of the Oppressed” Methodology and “Experiential learning”) they develop and empower young people to be active citizens and to reach their potential to full capacity on national and international level. ChF IE has involved more than 100 young persons with disadvantaged backgrounds (bullied migrants and orphans) of Ireland in local, national and international educational and sport activities.

As member of Champions Factory International, ChF IE supports the scientific development and testing of the methodology Education through Sport, which builds-up leadership skills in youth and promotes the values of sport (fairness, team building, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance, and respect). ChF IE provides teaching and training courses for staff of adult education organisations in sports management; using sport as a tool for social inclusion, sport to develop personal skills and the methodology “Education through sports”. We provide such courses and guidance programmes for Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI), North Atlantic Basketball Academy (NABA) and National League Football Academy. The main objective of ChF IE it to investigate issues in the field of professional and grassroots sport and conduct cooperative, collaborative research with affiliated sports organisations, public and private bodies, educational institutions. Champions Factory Team of sports experts: Champions Factory Ireland experts have experience in sports education, sport as a tool for social development, youth work, international projects management, business administration, volunteering in diverse social activities, giving art and sport classes.